What is social media and what are social media channels? Social media refers to websites and applications designed to effectively share content with people in real time. For some people, the term social media refers to applications on their smart devices, but the reality is that this communication tool was still originally created for use on computers. This misconception stems from the fact that most social media users access their tools through applications.

This opportunity to share photos, opinions, events and more has changed our way of doing things and the way we do business. Retailers who use social media as an integral part of their marketing strategy usually see measurable results. However, the key to successful social media is that you do not see it as a side factor, but treat it as carefully and respectfully as you do any other marketing activity.

There are many different social media channels, but not all work for your business, as you might have thought. To achieve your company’s marketing and business goals, it’s always more beneficial to associate yourself with one of the single most popular social media marketing channels than to get your hands on any platform that comes up, hoping you’ll reach the audience you need. Contrary to popular belief, you may do more harm than good.

Due to such a large number of social media channels, deciding in favor of it can be quite a difficult task.

Join to tweeter account to keep tweeting? Use Facebook Business Manager or something else to expand your brand.

Due to such a large number of social media channels, deciding in favor of it can be quite a difficult task.

Join to tweeter account to keep tweeting? Use Facebook Business Manager or something else to expand your brand.

So now we move on to this most important list:


Facebook is by far the largest social media channel, with more than 1 billion and 665 million daily users each month and 645 million weekly views of local business pages. Facebook can be taken as a social home for your business online. This is where people can go to leave their message, browse products and photos, or interact with you. With such a large number of targeted potential customers, the need for your business page is completely natural. However, keep in mind that business pages need constant updating, which you can do by adding fresh and useful content on a weekly basis.


Twitter is a social media site designed to deliver news, entertainment, sports, politics and more to its users. Unlike other social media channels, Twitter focuses on providing real-time information – everything that happens now and now.

Another feature of Twitter is that you are only allowed to use 280 characters in your tweet, and in Japan, Korea and China the limit is as high as 140 characters, while in all other social media networks the limit is much higher.


Pinterest is a sophisticated social media channel and you should only use it if you have to share impressive images to promote your business. Companies that bring high-quality visual content to Pinterest have a significant advantage over others.

Pinterest is a place where people go to discover and buy new things and, unlike other social media sites, its main purpose is not to reach its target audience. It is claimed that 78% of users say that the content displayed by different brands on Pinterest is important. This gives your brand a unique opportunity to shape their purchasing decisions.

If Pinterest users want to be inspired to try and buy new things, then Pinterest’s presence will bring your brand to them. Here are some tips on how to use Pinterest to achieve your business goals.


If you’re not aware of this yet, Instagram is a photo-sharing program. The main advantage of Instagram over other photo-sharing programs is that it is a free application that can be downloaded to any device. This allows users to apply a variety of filters to images at the touch of a button. Don’t link your business to Instagram if you’re not using a smartphone. You can manage your Instagram account from a computer, but you’ll need a smartphone to upload photos. According to statistics, there are 130 to 150 million Instagram users, but first you need to understand the demographics of those users and decide if it’s the right audience for your business. Most or 70% of Instagram users are women and aged 18-35.


Linkdln is now more than just a job search portal. It has evolved into a professional social media channel where industry experts share content and build their own personal brand.

To help you grow your LinkedIn business page followers, we’ve written a blog post that includes a simple strategy for doing so.

Linkdln also offers a number of advertising options, such as bringing your business to life with content, sending personalized ads to Linkdl’s inboxes, and displaying ads on the side of the site.


It’s the world’s most popular video site, with an estimated 1 billion unique monthly visitors. It is known that 100 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. The big factor is that Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google.

To get started, you can create a YouTube channel for your brand where you can upload, comment, and share your videos.

Here are some more, but not so widely used, social media channels on a “global” scale:

⦁ WhatsApp
⦁ Messenger
⦁ Tumblr
⦁ Reddit
⦁ Viber
⦁ Snapchat
⦁ Telegram
⦁ Medium

In conclusion

Keep in mind that being on too many social media channels can affect your productivity and results. By knowing which platforms to focus on, you can really help your business.

I hope the list of social networking sites above, which fits into different categories such as gaming, making friends, dating, photo sharing, and blogging, will be valuable to you.


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